Oil of Gladness Anointing Oil<br> Assorted Bookmarks, 13 for price of 10

Oil of Gladness Anointing Oil
Assorted Bookmarks, 13 for price of 10

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Our bookmarks are great companions to your readings and are beautifully adorned with a black tassel and silver cross. Each are 7" long, 2.25" wide and are individually packaged in plastic.

When you buy all 13 bookmarks, you pay the price of 10! The assortment includes one of each of the following bookmarks: Frankincense & Myrrh, Rose of Sharon, Anointing, Lily of the Valley, Latter Rain, Spikenard, Pomegranate, Jesus the Anointed One, Mary’s Impetuous Act, Honoring Jesus, Jesus Forgives, You Are Anointed, The Yoke. If we are out of stock on a bookmark our team will replace with an available one. Frankincense & Myrrh is no longer available.